Employer Branding : Strategies to Attract Talents’ Interest and Increase Employee Loyalty
Employer Branding : Strategies to Attract Talents’ Interest and Increase Employee Loyalty
12 September 2013

Jakarta , 12 September 2013 . Prasetiya Business School in collaboration with Citibank NA held a Human Resources ( HR ) Gathering 2013 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel , Mega Kuningan and was attended by over 150 HR practitioners from various companies in Indonesia.

For companies, attracting qualified, committed, dedicated, productive, and loyal talents certainly an "asset " that are important for the development of the company in the future . One that could be done by the company is through employer branding. Because, in Indonesia, it is still relatively few companies that understand and perform employer branding program. Most who have this program are multinational companies.

Employer branding is the strategy adopted by the company to attract, recruit and retain talent or highly qualified human resources. Target in employer branding is not just employees who are already in the the company, but also employees who are projected to join, as well as externals to the organization.

"In its application , employer branding requires the commitment of all stakeholders in the organization. Citi Indonesia understands this and has always paid special attention to the concept of employer branding. We believe that the concept of employer branding can help Citi - talent in attracting the best talent to join Citi", said Haju Sunarsihanto testifying as HR Director , Citibank NA

Employer branding company which has started the promotion not only of the tangible benefits that can be obtained by the employee as salary or other facilities , but began to focus on more strategic efforts that increase the engagement of employees and prospective employees.

"Employee Value Proposition is conducted to recruit the best talent, manage and develop their careers to improve long-term profitability," added Pambudi.

Citibank looking for talents who have passion, hard workers and learners to become an aspiring leader that does not only produce a good performance , but also are able to build other human resources. Strong branding attached at Citibank as a ' school bankers ' promising career, compensation and the best knowledge in the financial industry and it is constructed by finding the best talent from leading university graduates in domestic and foreign consistently. On the other hand, the Indonesian economy which is predicted to be the top ten in the world is being the concern for HR practitioners, considering the amount of talent and a superior level of competence should be pursued quickly.

Michael Adryanto as a Strategic Managing Director and HR Director of SINARMAS Agribusiness & Food agribusiness said that the situation in Indonesia is growing but having trouble finding talent who are interested in working in the plantations. The search for the right candidate done by collaborating with several colleges in the region for designing special programs, create a scholarship program and recruit the appropriate talent actively." Employer branding efforts done by making engagement earlier for college students so that they become familiar with the company's profile , career and are interested in a career in this industry ," said Michael, who is a graduate of the MM program Prasetiya Business School .

It is different with the media and creative industries, Harnoko Latif expressed as a VP Corporate Services PT. Transformation TV Indonesia (Trans TV) that recruits talents from Gen Y; they are very familiar with the internet, digital and communication technologies, especially the entertainment world. " In a fairly competitive industry , it is not too difficult to find talent but need to be more careful in choosing talent that has the right sense to appear in the television program," said Latif, who has the nickname " Noko " . Talent is sought in accordance with the position, role and demands that exist , for example, a tall former athlete who was recruited to help the production team associated with the camera .

In the midst of highly competitive business, competition is not only to win the market (market share) and profit (profit share), but also includes competition to win candidates and retain the best employees.

"What is needed now for a job seeker is right talent need right organization. From here the HRD could compete to recruit the best job seekers, either from fresh graduate or  professional, with employer branding techniques " says Michael. The company must also be clear what makes us different to other employers.