Guest Lecture by Lo Kheng Hong
Guest Lecture by Lo Kheng Hong
19 March 2013

"Know What You Purchased and Buy What We Know"

Jakarta - March 19, 2013. Graduate Program Prasetiya Mulya has great opportunity to have Lo Kheng Hong, as a guest speaker in a seminar  entitled "Value Investing". Located at the auditorium of Cilandak campus, this man who look humble and friendly,  deliver a presentation about stock investing strategy with return on investment up to hundreds of thousands of percent.

"As an equity investor, you should buy stocks from companies which has been gone public and producing products for human needs" said Lo Hong Kheng.

Lo Kheng Hong admitted that he did not want to buy shares carelessly.The initial consideration before buying a stock is always seen the management of stock issuer. it is seen from how the company is managing the company by having reliable management and a good track record. That's why Lo told the first step to become equity investors is to "know what you buy and buy what we know".

The man who is called as the "Warren Buffett of Indonesia ' does not have any job, does not have any company, does not have many employees, does not have either a boss or a buyer, just have a household assistant and personal driver, but can generate billions of rupiahs and donate to others in need.

During 24 years of stock investing experience, Lo Kheng Hong also have experience negative impact of the financial crisis of 1997-1998. However, from the fall he could get up and generate up to 150,000% capital gain.

This guest lecture is mandatory for Investment Management class. "There are many things we can learn from Lo Kheng Hong, especially in terms of investment, tonight we will learn a lot from him" said Lukas Setia Atmadja, Ph.D in the opening session.