Immersion Program 2013
Immersion Program 2013
08 March 2013

Cooperation between Graduate Program of Prasetiya Mulya Business School with

William & Mary - Mason School of Business

Jakarta - Graduate Program Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS) in cooperation with the William & Mary - Mason School of Business, U.S., held the Immersion Program. This activity took place from March 3 to March 8, 2013 at PMBS Cilandak campus. Participants from William & Mary - Mason School of Business were accompanied by Prof. Don R. Rahtz, while PMBS participants were accompanied by Daniel Haryanto, as Chairman of Full Time MM Program.

A total of 7 participants of William & Mary came to know more about business practices in Indonesia. Together with the 12 participants from Full Time MM, they visited Living World (ACE Hardware Store), community development partners in Sukaluyu & Babakan Sari Village (Cianjur), Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), PT. Trimegah Securities Tbk, PT. ISS Indonesia, @america and Pacific Place shopping center.

Interestingly, during a visit to Cianjur, Immersion participants were invited to learn how the business was run by micro production level. Participants experienced the process of making “tempe Anisa” from fermented soybean and “Kraos crackers” from cassava starch. The following day, they visited PT. Trimegah Securities, Ltd., which was greeted by Stephanus Turangan as a President Director. Also, they visited Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). Through this visitation, Immersion program’s participants got a new outlook on the economy and investment prospects in Indonesia. On the last day, they visit PT. ISS Indonesia, where they can learn the global scale business model in terms of the service industry.

Also, cooperating with 2 biggest pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, Immersion participants were divided into 4 groups. They were asked to work on case studies of pharmaceutical products and to present about sales development solution to the management of each company.

Relating with the theme of "Developing International Relationship", this program enables students to experience: building a global network, learning global-local culture, visiting to various industrial companies in Indonesia with different business model, and learning real business case in Indonesia, as well as providing the solutions.

In the end, Prof. Don R. Rahtz expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the Immersion program. He said that Immersion Program can provide a new perspective for their students. Also, they can learn new culture and corporate culture in Indonesia. Hopefully, there is more and more cooperation between the two universities. “said Prof. Don. R. Rahtz.