Implementing Green Business Campus Project
Implementing Green Business Campus Project
28 January 2013

As of December 2012, Prasetiya Mulya implements Sustainability Campus Project called "Small Things Matter". The project focuses on waste sorting before waste disposing. It was initiated by Property, Asset and Facility Management collaborated with graduate students who care about the environment.

"Based on field observations, waste production in Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS) Cilandak is quite high, particularly for paper and packaging (plastic/tin) wastes. Those were mixed together and dumped into garbage bin without any sorting. In fact, if the wastes were managed properly, it could provide significant economic and environmental value," said Marisa, alumnus of Full-Time Program MM batch 44 as students’ representative. It is expected that by selling disaggregated garbage, those wastes could be recycled and reused immediately. It will reduce environmental pollution caused by accumulated garbage.

To facilitate these activities, the Department of Property, Asset, and Facility Management Cilandak Campus has been providing trash bins with different sticker describing the type of waste:

  • Paper waste (clean without stains of food / drink) - blue Stickers
  • Plastic waste / cans / bottles - red Sticker
  • Organic waste (tissue, wet cardboard, food, etc.) - a green sticker

This garbage will be categorized by material type before selling process to the local waste management. The income will be used to fund the Sustainable Campus Project activities. The project is implemented at Cilandak Campus currently and will be implemented at BSD campus immediately.

Lets create a green campus!