Inspiring Business Talk for Indonesian Young Executives
Inspiring Business Talk for Indonesian Young Executives
17 April 2013

Optimizing Your Role For A More Impactful Professional Journey
How to Deliver Your Credibility as a Professional to Contribute to Your Company

Jakarta, 17 April 2013, Prasetiya held the first series of Inspiring Business Talk (Talk IB) at The Cone, FX Senayan. This event is intended for young executives who want to accelerate their careers. In accordance with the theme "Optimizing Your Role for a More Impactful Professional Journey", the speakers discuss how to develop ourselves and contribute meaningfully to the company.

Begins with the presentation of Martin Susanto, an alumny of MM Business Management batch 11 as well as practitioners in banking industry (Citibank, Accenture and currently at BNI); Martin inspire IB Talk participants through sharing personal experiences, how important time and energy management at work, forming positive thoughts, being proactive and developing networking.

Alex Sriewijono as a psycholog and also the founder of the Daily Meaning, people development consultant, sharing about The Ink Theory, namely how we as a young executive could strengthen our real "brand", through giving a real contribution to the company’s progress. Interestingly, this theory was created by one of his team members, Pradana Pradipta, alumni of  S1 Prasetiya Mulya.

Then, the event closed with a presentation from Mr. Elliot Simangungsong, Ph.D. as Director of the Graduate Program Prasetiya accompanied by Anindita Gayatri as Customer and Corporate Relations Manager for the Graduate Program explaining the importance of education to accelerate the careers of young executives. Companies expect education to be more emphasis on communication, self management, problem solving, teamwork, and the ability of the analysis.

The event which was initiated by Marketing and Customer Relations of Prasetiya Mulya Graduate School of Business is expected to inspire the participants.