Welcoming Night: Beach Party
Welcoming Night: Beach Party
18 March 2013

Jakarta, March 18, 2013 - Makrab or more commonly called Welcoming Party is a regular event organized by the students of Full Time MM in Prasetiya Mulya. This event is held to strengthen relationship among batches of Full Time MM students.

With the theme "Beach Party", Activity Hall was transformed to resemble the atmosphere on the beach; from the decor to the dress code of participants and guests. Every batch had its own specific dress code, but still relating to the big theme of “Beach Party”. Students of Full time MM batch 45 wore Hawaiian costumes, batch 46 wore Sailor costumes, and batch 47 wore Pirates costumes. The event was starting by the introduction video from every batch, continuing with games, performances of class 46 and 47.

In spite of the name, this event is not only as a welcoming party for batch 47, but also as a farewell party for batch 44. 

Through this event, it is expected to form solidarity and friendship ties among Full Time MM Students, Faculty Member, Student Engagement, and the staffs.