MM Regular

Transforming Your Business Competence

MM Regular is designed for future leaders who are motivated to shape their personal and professional development.

This is an intensive full-time program for 18 months for those who have completed their undergraduate degree, and have zero to 2 years working experience.

MM Regular (MMR) offers a comprehensive program (4 terms) to boost your capabilities by acquiring business management knowledge and leadership skills through Personal Leadership Development (PLD) program. The PLD program comprises in-class sessions (workshops), coaching, and counselling.

Classes run five days a week, from 08:30 am to 04:15 pm. 


Curriculum (Total Credit: 49):

Matriculation: Statistics for Business, Consumer Behaviour, Financial Accounting
Trimester 1: Economics for Business, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing Management
Trimester 2: Operations Management, Strategic Management, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resource Management
Trimester 3 (Finance): Advance Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, Managing Innovation, Business Research
Trimester 3 (Marketing): Strategic Marketing, Brand Strategy, Managing Innovation, Business Research
Trimester 4: Business Simulation, Elective 1, Elective 2, Business Plan


MM Business Management

Accelerating Your Future Career

MM Business Management is designed for rising young executives who are looking for challenges to accelerate their career and develop personal competencies.

This is a 22-month part-time program for those who have completed their undergraduate degree, with minimum 2 years working experience.

MM Business Management (MMBM) offers a comprehensive program (5 terms) that encourages you to increase business acumen and to create integrated solutions. You will accomplish the competencies in a collaborative environment, through which you can also expand your networks and improve your leadership skill.

The program is held three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or Tuesday and Thursday for elective courses) from 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm.

Curriculum (Total Credit: 42):

Matriculation: Business Decision Analysis, Consumer Behaviour, Accounting for Manager
Trimester 1: Economics for Business, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management
Trimester 2: Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
Trimester 3: Operations Management, Managing Innovation, Business Research
Trimester 4: Business Simulation, Elective 1, Elective 2
Trimester 5: Elective 3, Negotiation in Business (workshop), Business Plan


MM Strategic Management

Envisioning Your Future Business

MM Strategic Management is designed for senior executives who are seeking challenges to improve business world and to generate business innovation by developing strong networks.

This is a 22-month part-time program for those who are undergraduate degree holders with more than 5 years working experience and holding senior managerial positions in at least 2 different areas of responsibility.

MM Strategic Management (MMSM) offers a comprehensive program (5 terms) that encourages you to solve complex problems and to sharpen up your business acumen. Based on your future strategic priority, you can choose one learning option between these two tracks in Term-3:

Track 1 - Strategic Innovation

The courses of study are focused on business innovation through cross-industry learning, aiming to solve complex challenges and develop strategic opportunities

Track 2 - Global Business Management

The courses of study are focused on doing global business through real-world projects, aiming to solve global business challenges and seize global business opportunities

Both tracks are held three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm.


Curriculum (Total Credit: 42):

Matriculation: Accounting for Executives, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Negotiation in Business
Trimester 1: Economic Perspectives on Global Market, Strategic Decision Making, Organizational Behaviour - Global Perspectives
Trimester 2: Corporate Finance Strategy, Operations Strategy, Business Research

For Strategic Innovation Track
Trimester 3: Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing Management, Managing Innovation
Trimester 4: Managing Business Growth, Elective 1, Elective 2
Trimester 5: Business Law and Regulations, Business Plan

For Global Business Management Track
Trimester 3: Strategic Management - Global Project (GP), International Marketing Management (GP), Managing Innovation (GP)
Trimester 4: International Comparative Management, Elective 1, Elective 2
Trimester 5: Global Supply Chain Management, Business Plan - Global Project


MM New Ventures Innovation

Hacking High Growth Paths

New Ventures Innovation (NVI) is a Magister Manajemen program dedicated to those who aspire to build startups–new ventures envisioned to grow rapidly and change the business landscape. NVI is a learning community designed for Undergraduate (S1) degree holders with a mindset towards visioning businesses that bring far-reaching impact on people.

NVI is composed of six learning blocks which collectively build a rigorous program. New Venture Project is the nucleus of the program which provides the path to attaining the entrepreneurial goals. To accomplish the projects, NVI equips the students with cutting edge knowledge, practical and analytical skills, and entrepreneurial attitude from various types of learning modules: Foundation, Core and Electives, Workshops and Personal Entrepreneurial-Leadership Development.

Apart from the learning modules, students are facilitated to engage in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, the InnovationHub. This engagement enables the students to acquire access to the extensive business networks.


MM Applied Business Analytics

A Breakthrough in Strategic Decision Making

A Distinctive Proposition

The Magister Manajemen in Applied Business Analytics (MM-ABA) Program is a 16-month MM program with a distinctive approach dedicated to future business consultants or professionals in the business analytics field. Skills attained through this program enable professionals to be creative and sharply analytical in making sound business actions. Students learn and equip themselves with the most comprehensive and recent management tools enriched by real hands-on experience in business companies. Students learn how to transform data analytics findings into strategic innovative business actions. Through academic and practical business learning, students are equipped with the sensibility and agility in formulating strategic decisions when faced with a challenging business environment.

A 360 Degree Approach      

The MM-ABA program encompasses three pillars of learning in its process: understanding fundamental business management concepts, mastering creative and analytical skills, as well as experiencing business practices. The program shapes the student’s thinking process to one that is systematic and comprehensive. The students also get hands-on experience in real business to execute project improvement or propose and implement new projects in their respective companies. All these, enriched by real experiences, enable students to deliver their knowledge of management concepts and tools to solve business problems comprehensively. The students’ analytical skill is built starting from the beginning of the program through case discussion, data-based problem identification, and analytics. With the acquired skills, students are expected to be able to discover innovative ideas and transform them into effective solutions in accordance with the business situation.
The class meets three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm at BSD Campus.

Curriculum (Total Credit: 36):

Matriculation: Data-Driven Organization, Managerial Accounting, Business Process Framework
Trimaster 1: Business Analytics Methods, Data-Driven Marketing, Financial Analytics
Trimaster 2: Big Data, Operation Modeling, Human Capital Analytics
Trimaster 3: Business Intelligence, Strategic Analytics, Business Performance Management
Trimaster 4: Business Innovation Model, Business Analytics Project

Special Requirement

  • Panel interview
  • The admissions tests can be waived by the presentation of GMAT ≥ 500
  • A 150-word self-motivation statement essay



Doctoral of Management and Entrepreneurship

The First Management & Entrepreneurship Doctoral Study Program in Indonesia

The Prasetiya Mulya Doctoral Program for Management & Entrepreneurship is a unique doctoral program that integrates multiple aspects of management principles, entrepreneurship theories, senior executive insights and deep market knowledge with the rigor of empirical-based approach in solving complex market issues of today and advancing new knowledge for tomorrow.

Doctoral Program for Management & Entrepreneurship Program is designed to be an applied research-based degree that engages business leaders and successful entrepreneurs to collectively solve critical industry and market issues in rapidly-growing disruptive economy, to converge multiple business perspectives, theoretical knowledge, and industry insights to push new boundaries of business science, and to produce cutting-edge enterprise solutions for the present and future market challenges.

The overall goal of our program aims in advancing visionary business leaders to become prominent authorities in business and entrepreneurship with significant contributions toward solving complex issues facing firms, industries, and markets, while providing them a new path to be an educator for a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.


1 Semester = 14 study weeks + 2 exam weeks
Credit: 50 Credits (SKS)
Minimum GPA 3.25 (Enrolled students must maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA)

Doctoral Program Journey, Research methodology, Writing for academic purpose, Mini research project

Semester 1
Innovative Enterprising, Institutionalizing Innovation, Contemporary Stream in Business Sustainability and Competitiveness

Semester 2
Advanced Research Method, Comprehensive Exam

Semester 3
Doctoral Colloquium, Doctoral Dissertation I (Proposal Defense), Doctoral Dissertation II (Proposal Defense)

Semester 4
Doctoral Dissertation III (International Conferences), Publication of indexed international journal papers

Semester 5
Doctoral Dissertation IV (Findings Presentation), Dissertation publication in book form

Semester 6
Doctoral Dissertation V (Public exam)




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