ASK Prasmul 1 on 1 Online Consultation

for Doctor Program in Management and Entrepreneurship

In order to go ahead to your end goal, you might occasionally find yourself in need of help. Despite the existing social limitations, Prasetiya Mulya Doctor Program provides a solution for your education: an online, in-depth, 1-on-1 study program consultation to help you. Find your passion, pursue your career, and discuss your research proposal with us!


The Faculty Members of Prasetiya Mulya Doctor Program, at your service:

  • Elliot Simangunsong, Ph.D
    (Head, Doctor Program in Management and Entrepreneurship

What will you get from this event?*
– Study Program Consultation
– In-depth consultation regarding your proposal research with Our Faculty Member

*For Admission and tuition fee information, please contact us: 0812 1983 1982



Links & Schedules will be provided by our Customer Service after getting the schedule from the Program via email or whatapp/sms.