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Prasetiya Mulya was founded in 1980 by a group of prominent Indonesian business leaders. The first MBA program in Indonesia was then established in 1982 with assistance from prestigious international scholars and experts.

Today it remains the leading private business education program provider in the country, upholding the original aims of the founders to offer the highest standards in business management education and training.

Being founded by members of the country’s business community has ensured an effective balance of comprehensive curriculum between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Prasetiya Mulya is now benchmarking itself among the leading business schools by undergoing the AACSB accreditation process.

Prasetiya Mulya Business School has over thirty years of experience in teaching graduate business courses in preparing the next generation of Indonesia’s executives and entrepreneurs. It is exclusively taught by Prasetiya Mulya’s leading faculties who have extensive professional experience as well as academic accolades giving students the opportunity to learn from renowned figures in a given field.

For graduates wishing to build upon their business knowledge, Prasetiya Mulya offers full time (MM Regular) and part time program (MM Business Management and Strategic Innovation) for those studying alongside full time employment.


Board of Trustees
Chairman : Eka Tjipta Widjaja*

Vice Chairman : Prajogo Pangestu ~ Franky Oesman Widjaja ~ Anthoni Salim ~ Edwin Soeryadjaya ~ Jusuf Wanadi, SH

Member : Osbert Lyman ~ Mochtar Riady ~ Harry Wibowo Silalahi, SH ~ Usman Admadjaja ~ The Ning King ~ Ir. Ciputra, Sofjan Wanadi ! Jauw Tjong Kie ~ Ipung Kurnia ~ Muljadi Budiman ~ Irsanto Ongko ~ Mari Elka Pangestu

Board of Supervisors
Chairman : Ir. T. Permadi Rachmat

Member : Budiarsa Sastrawinata ~ Indradi Kusuma, SH ~ Antonius Joenoes Supit

Board of Executives
Chairman : Prasasto Sudyatmiko

Vice Chairman : Ir. Gandi Sulistiyanto Soeherman
Secretary : Angeline Sutedja, MBA
Treasurer : Franciscus Welirang
Vice Treasurer : Danandjaja Wanandi

Member : Tedy Djuhar ~ Leopard Lyman ~ Michael J.p Widjaja ~Baritono Prajogo Pangestu ~ Mintardjo Halim ~ Arif Rachmat

*Honorable Lifetime Leader

Vision & Mission


“To be a leading Magister Management Program that contributes to the creation of a professional, superior, ethical, Indonesian human environment and is the embodiment of good values recognized by the community.”


  1. Educating potential participants to become superior and ethical leaders to realize the distinctive performance and play an active role as an agent of change.

  2. Generating and disseminating the latest knowledge of business management that contributes to the development of business management theory and provides practical solutions faced by the companies and public in areas related to business management.

  3. Organizing the continue dialogue with the leaders of various organizations to work together to confront the problems that increasingly  hand to solve without the full involvement of business leaders.

  4. Cooperating with educational organizations and companies at home and abroad to develop knowledge and best practices in the field of business management.

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