Joining students clubs to enhance networking and leadership skills.

Management Society

PMBS supports variety of student activities to ensure that all students will have well-rounded experience while in the program. Students will be able to maximize their opportunities to network, learn and develop skills through these activities. The Management Society, as a part of PMBS Student Engagement, is a postgraduate student association serving a wide variety of student’s needs, interests and passions that will support the student’s academic and non-academic performance during their studies.

The basic principles of the Management Society activities:

Some of the Management Society’s current activities:

The Bazaarkustik

Students sell variety of food and beverage in a food bazaar while other students perform acoustic music to entertain the visitors of the event.

The Sport Week Activity

A two-weeks sport activity such as football, basket, running competitions and mini games for students to strengthen relationships among the students themselves and other divisions of PMBS.

The Orientation Night

This activity is to introduce PMBS to new students. It is a good opportunity for the new students to meet others and help them to settle into PMBS life.

Mading (Wall Magazine)

The Wall Magazine is a media for students to develop their writing skills and creativities by sharing trending topics to others.

Regularly meeting for recreational and professional clubs

The Management Society offers 4 students clubs, which are Finance Club, Marketing Club, Entrepreneur Club, and Football Club. These clubs are to help students to get involved in different activities such as group discussions on variety academic topics by inviting guest speakers, football practices and competitions.

The Marketition

Marketition is a case-study-based marketing competition program organized annually with different topic and theme. The purpose of this competition is to challenge student's creativity to analyze the market and build a fresh marketing plan. This year competition was about movie industry in Indonesia, with "40 Days in Europe" film as the case study.

The Management Society Business Improvement (MSBI)

It is a student-run organization dedicated to assist low to middle level companies to grow their businesses. The students will act as consultants for the companies.

Bishi Bashi

Bishi Bashi is one of the activities organized by Management Society to play the game output in the 90 's. The purpose of this activity is to promote interaction among students and also for nostalgia.
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