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Prasetiya Mulya Business School’s MM Faculty Members meet academic credentials according to subjects they teach and also master good, effective and attractive teaching techniques. They work to establish a relaxed but serious atmosphere in class where students are actively involved in every learning session, to gain maximum benefit from the learning process. Their extensive experiences in their fields of expertise enrich their teaching materials and case studies presented in class.

Prasetiya Mulya MM Faculty Members are professionals, experienced practitioners with good educational credentials from domestic as well as foreign institutions.

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Admission – S2 Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

(021) 751-1126 / 762-7257 Ext. 1113, 1120, 1121.

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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  • I felt the need to learn about business and management, when i was in the engineering profession

    Waldo Hutapea, ST, MM
    Brand Manager - PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya
  • Prasetiya Mulya’s engaging environment and learning model strengthened my business acumen and enriched me with the skills i need to accelerate my career.

    Yuwana Stiani
    MM Business Management 27A, 2015 | Cum Laude | Customer Care Centre Manager - PT. Mandiri AXA General Insurance
  • Prasetiya Mulya Business School equipped me with pertinent management knowledge. The balance of theory, applied knowledge and high quality selected case discussions in class strengthened my confidence and belief that I will survive and continue to grow in any organization.

    DR. Waluyo
    Ketua DK3N, Ketua TIPKM, and President of Asia Pacific on Occupational Safety and Health Organization
  • The working environment requires me to develop myself, think more strategically, and know more about the business dynamics that evolve around me. It is a great pride for me to have graduated from Prasetiya Mulya Business School. The School not only teaches businesss theories but also teaches how to deal with the dynamic, ever changing business conditions and how to implement learnt methods and concepts in real business conditions.

    Irene Suryani
    Executive MM Program in Business Managemen 27B, 2015 | Best in Class | Manager - Vivere Multi Kreasi
  • To manage a corporation well and drive the business, leaders must have vision – the big dream-, the persistance and fortitude to make it happen. Prasetiya Mulya Business School is the right place to learn and gain inspiration.

    Syamsurizal Munaf, ST, MM
    PT. Medco Energi International, Tbk
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