Giving to Sekolah Tugu Bhakti by Management Society

Tugu Bhakti School was established when the Portuguese still ruled Indonesia. It is located at Jl . Tugu Raya 21, West Semper, North Jakarta. Until now, the school is still trapped in the space of poverty (social inequality). Undeniably, the school still relies on donations from the philanthropy. Donations are in the form of teachers’ salaries, training, tutoring every Saturday, and scholarships for outstanding students . The profession of the parents are varied, from a livelihood as a longshoreman, tire patch, drivers, factory workers, to scavengers.

The school strongly wishes to rise out of poverty, entering a better economy phase. For entering this new phase, there are two hurdles that must be passed, namely, the lack of business knowledge and financial management. This is what initiate MMR students to provide business simulation program, motivation, and personal financial management in order to help the success of the communities around Tugu Bhakti School to enter a new phase of life. This is exactly the basis implementation of Management Society CSR program called ‘ New Inning for Tugu’, on 5 October 2013.

The event was held from morning to evening, and attended by 74 participants consisting of 2 parents and 54 junior high school students, as well as 31 volunteer committee from PMBS MM Regular student.

In the morning, the event was opened by a speech from Mr. Eka Ardianto (Customer Relations Associate Dean , Student Affairs and Alumni Network ). The event continued with a culinary business simulation in which participants had to cook and sell their products. Then, the participants got a briefing and discussion of personal finance sessions, directed by Mr. Nico Fernando (Prasetiya Mulya Faculty Member ). Personal finance session was intended for parents, while the junior sessions for kids were games of cooperation and motivation. After that, there was lunch in the multipurpose building. The last session was a motivation session by sharing successful story of a businessman who started from poor condition in the past.