Guest Lecture Fundamental Analysisfor Investment Management Class

Investment Management Class – MM Program Prasetiya Mulya Business School, had a chance to get first-hand knowledge about Capital Market from Adrian Rusmana, Director of Equity Capital Market & Research, PT. Trimegah Securities Tbk. The class was a mandatory session for students of Investment Management Class. “Fundamental Analysis for Investment” was the main topic discussed by Adrian Rusmana on the class.

Adrian Rusmana opened the class by explaining Five Core Principle on Investment, namely:

  1. Doing Your Homework. An investment success is depends on the investors’ discipline to keep learning about their investment.
  2. Finding Economics moats: Bad vs. Good, Good vs. Great. Source of information to study the investment should not only come from the financial statements, but also must consider the economic conditions that affect the investment climate.
  3. Having Margin of Safety. Investor must be able to distinguish economic value to market value of their investments.
  4. Holding for Long – Term. Investing is a long-term goal. Investors should not be swayed by short-term fluctuations that may affect the value of their investment in short period of time.
  5. Knowing when to sell and should not sell. Do not sell investments when prices drop too fast or skyrocketed. Instead, investors should sell their stock when the company’s fundamental is deteriorated, the stock price raised too far above a reasonable price, or when investors have too much money in one particular stock.

Adrian Rusmana continued his lecture by giving some tips to evaluate economic condition and tips in evaluating company’s fundamental. Adrian also explained the how to assess whether a value of a stock is reasonable or it’s already skyrocketed above the reasonable prices to avoid losses that may result from short-selling practice. The lecture was ended with question and answer session between the class participants and Adrian Rusmana.