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Henry Pribadi is the School of Business and Economics Faculty Member of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. He focuses on teaching in the fields of entrepreneurship and strategy. Some of the courses he taught included Technology based business, business creation, business development, and strategy management.

With a strong and deep educational background in the field of entrepreneurship, he is also the winner of the 2007-2012 Japanese Government Scholarship. He completed his S3 education at Osaka University Japan. Of course with his experience and educational background, he certainly can teach and guide students very well.

Intellectual Contributions
Academic Activities

Ph.D. Business Management, Osaka University
Master of Arts (M.A) Development Science, Hiroshima University

Research Interest: Entrepreneurship, Strategy Management, Innovation

Published Writings:

  • Study On Succession Intention In Continuing Family Business In Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic
    International Research Journal of Business Studies | vol. XIV no. 03 (December 2021 – March 2022).
  • Intensi Calon Penerus Bisnis Keluarga: Memahami Sudut Pandang Generasi Penerus Dalam Melanjutkan Bisnis Keluarga di Masa Depan
    MIX: Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 11, No. 2, Juni 2021.
  • Defining and constructing the teaching model of entrepreneur education based on the entrepreneurial intention model
    Jurnal Teknik Industri (2005). Vol. 7 Issue. 1, pp: 76-82. Institute of Research and Community Outreach Petra Christian University. Author: H. Pribadi.

  • Ba, Japanese- Style Knowledge Creation Concept: A Building Brick of Innovation Process Inside Organization
    Jurnal Teknik Industri (2010). Vol 12 Issue. 1, pp: 1-8. Institute of Research and Community Outreach Petra Christian University. Author: H. Pribadi.

  • Service Quality Control Measurement: Qualitometro II Method
    Jurnal Teknik Industri (2007). Vol 9 Issue. 1, pp: 37-47. Institute of Research and Community Outreach Petra Christian University. Author: Rosna Laksimon., Other author: H. Pribadi.

  • Gender, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial career intentions: Implications for entrepreneurship education
    Information Technology Journal (2005). Vol 15 Issue. 4, pp: 553. Author: H. Pribadi.

  • Determinant Factors of Entrepreneurial Intention Among University Students
    IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development (2010). Vol. 7 Issue 1/2, pp: 23-37. Author: Soetanto, Danny & Pribadi, H & Widyadana, Gede.

  • Examining and Exploring Indonesia Small and Medium Enterprise Performance: An Empirical Study
    Asian Journal of Business Management (2011). vol 3 Issue 2, pp: 98-102. Maxwell Science Publishing. Author: H. Pribadi., Kazuyori Kanai.

Conference, Talks, Speaking, Engagements, and Profesional Experience:

  • National Business Media: Entrepreneurship: Are You Ready? (in Indonesia)
    Kolomkontan.com. August 2013.
  • Relationship of entrepreneurial traits, eagerness to start a business, and firm performances: An exploratory study in small and medium enterprises in Indonesia.
    Proceeding in IESS International conference, 20-23 September 2011, Solo, Indonesia. Author: Pribadi, H. and Kanai, K. (in English)
  • Analisa Kinerja Unit Rawat Jalan RS. Author: Yahya & Yahya, Bernardo Nugroho & Henry, Pribadi & Riwu, Wulan. (2018)
  • Student advisor at Birla Family Business Competition, Manila 2018: 2nd place
  • Host on Family Business Talk 2018
  • Product Data Management Sebagai Sistem Monitoring Manajemen Kualitas. Author: Yahya, Nugroho & dan Pribadi, Bernardo & , Henry. (2018)
  • Moderator on BCA Business Talk
  • Moderator on International Human Resource Conferences, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya 2016.
  • Student advisor at Supply Chain Finance Competition, Netherlands 2016: 6th place
  • Presenter and MC on International Conference: AAPBS 2015, 14-15 May 2015
  • Student advisor on GBCC International Competition, Beppu Japan 2015: Global Finalist
  • Student advisor at CIMA International Competition, Warsaw Poland 2015: Global Finalist
  • Keynote speaker on Working meeting of Indonesian Inspectorate Ministry of Industry, 2014.
  • Student advisor on HSBC Business Case Indonesia Chapter 2014: Third place
  • Speaker on National Seminar: Global Fisheries, Strategic Challenges and Opportunities on Japanese fishery studies, Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, 4 June 2014
  • Speaker on National Seminar: State-owned Enterprises Global Strategy: Asia Region Studies on Japanese State-owned Enterprises, Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, 8 May 2013
  • Speaker on Inspiring Business Talk #3: Reinforce your career through innovative intrapreneurship in the workplace, @america, Jakarta, 5 December 2013
  • Perancangan Quality Assurance dengan Analisa Gauging Absence of Prerequisites di Perpustakaan UK Petra (2005)