Launching Beyond Marketing Club

Thursday, September 26, 2013, Beyond Marketing Club has been launched. Beyond Marketing Club consists of students who are interested to learn marketing in practices. The event was opened by Dr. Eka Ardianto as PMBS Puket III and continued by sharing knowledge by Mr.  Ardiyansyah and Mr. Solaiman . Indrayanto Kurniawan , both are Radical Film Director . The two speakers were sharing information on the film industry in Indonesia and how the marketing strategy in promoting a movie. This event was quite unique because it was held at the Plaza area (green umbrella area) of PMBS Cilandak campus, so the ambience becomes warm, close, and unique. Moreover, on the sidelines of sharing, some students who are members of The Club (music and performance arts community) featuring their gifts and talents through song and music. Next, Beyond Marketing Club will hold discussions Post Modern Marketing on October 3, 2013, with speaker of Dr. Eka Ardianto.