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Prof. Dr. Djisman S. Simandjuntak has been the President Commissioner of PT Indoritel Makmur Internasional Tbk. since May 20, 2015. Prof. Dr. Simandjuntak serves as the Chairman of the Board of Management of the Centre for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) and the Rector of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

He has been an Independent Commissioner of PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk since July 27, 2007, and its President Commissioner since March 2018. He serves as a Commisioner at PT Indoritel Makmur Internasional Tbk. He started his career as an Auditor in SVG Utomo from 1973 to 1974, became Head of the Department of Economics Affairs of CSIS from 1984 to 1987, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CSIS from 1999 to 2005, and Dean of Prasetya Mulya Business School from 1989 to 2003. He was a Commissioner of PT Bank Lippo Tbk.

Research Activities
Professional Experience
Academic Activities

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany, majoring in International Economics (Ph.D. in Economics)

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany, majoring in Monetary Economics and Public Finance (Diplom Rer-Pol)

Faculty of Economics, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia (BA, Business Economics)

Research Interest: Business Economics, Strategic Management, Globalization Economic

Published Writings:

Flattening impact of a reawakening China on the ethnic imbalance in Indonesian business
Southeast Asia’s Chinese Businesses in an Era of Globalization: Coping with the Rise of China (2006) 2006-12-01. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

Eu-ASEAN relationship
The 2nd ASEAN Reader (2003). 2003-12-01, Book, Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

An Inquiry into the Nature, Causes, and Consequences of the Indonesian Crisis
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (1999). Vol. 4, issue.1, pp: 171-192. Taylor & Francis Group Publisher. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

The Roles of Japan in Asian Economies
Asian Economic Journal (1991). Vol. 5 Issue. 1, pp: 40-55. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

Survey of Recent Developments
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (1989). Vol. 25 issue. 1, pp: 3-34. Taylor & Francis Group. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

Exploring the Transition to Eudaimonic Tourism: A Case Study of Bali
Journal of STI Policy and Management, 4(2), 77–99, 2019. Author: Djisman Simandjuntak, Alvin Desfiandi, Erica Lukas, Isti Setiawati, Nakita Sabrina, Stanley Makalew.

Good Corporate Governance in Post-crisis Indonesia: Initial Conditions, Windows of Opportunity, And Reform Agenda
Report of the subregional seminar on governance re-invented: The progress, constraints, and remaining agenda in bank and corporate restructuring in East and South-East Asia, Seoul (2001). Vol. 30, pp: 27-65. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

The Indonesian Economy in 1999: Another Year of Delayed Reform
Indonesia in Transition: Social Aspects of Reformasi and Crisis (2000). pp: 58-75. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

Trade Policy Options for Indonesia
The Uruguay Round: ASEAN Trade Policy Options (1988). pp: 3864.Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Author: Djisman S Simanjuntak.

“ASEAN-Japan Contributions to Global Governance: Macroeconomic Stability, Sustainable Development, Equitable Development, and Comprehensive Security”

November 2015, in Navigating Change: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in East Asia and in Global Governance, with Toshiya Hoshino, edited by Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya, Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE), Tokyo.

“East Asian Multi-Track Regional Partnership”
2014, in New Directions in Asia Pacific Economic Integration, edited by Dr. Peter Petri, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Melaju ke Kecepatan Lepas Lewat Re-Industrialisasi”
2014, in Untuk Indonesia 2014-2019: Agenda Ekonomi, edited by Yose Rizal Damuri, CSIS. 2014.

“Guiding Prudence amid Election Noise”
27 January 2014. in the Jakarta Post’s Annual Economic Outlook, pp. 41-43.

“Attaining ‘Escape Velocity’ in Indonesia: Time to Re-industrialise”
20 January 2014. in the East Asia Forum Quarterly.

“The Game of Regionalism in a Rising East Asia”
January 2014, in Boao Review with Jusuf Wanandi, pp. 10-13.

“Comments on Bernard Hoekman and Patrick Messerlin’s The EU and Rising Economic Powers: Focus on Services Markets”
October 2010, in Europe’s World.

“Mengejar Pasar sampai ke China”
18 Januari 2010. In Opini, Kompas.

“Revolusi Kesehatan, Penggerak dan Kebangkitan Berkelanjutan”
2009, in Pergumulan Kompleks bagi Kesehatan Rakyat, edited by Dr. W. Biantoro Wanandi.

“Imperatif Mukjizat Pertumbuhan yang Berkelanjutan dan Pemupukan Modal Manusia yang Progresif”
Prasetiya Mulya Business School thesis for Professorship, 18 February 2008.

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Capital Accumulation“
2008, in Multinational Corporations and the Emerging Network Economy in Asia and the Pacific edited by Juan J. Palacios, Routledge.

“Flattening Impact of a Reawakening China on Ethnic Imbalance in Indonesian Business”
2006, in Southeast Asia’s Chinese Businesses in an Era of Globalization edited by Leo Suryadinata, ISEAS.

“Indonesia’s Tolerated Low-Speed Reform of Corporate Governance”
2005, in Reforming Corporate Governance in Southeast Asia: Economics, Politics, and Regulations, edited by Ho Khai Leong, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, pp. 157-179.

“South-East Asia and East Asian Community: The Nucleus of Binding Glues”
2004, in Bulletin on Asia-Pacific Perspectives 2004/05, Asia-Pacific Economies: Living with High Oil Prices? United Nations-ESCAP, New York, pp. 45-57.

“Pemulihan Daya Saing Internasional Indonesia dengan Ekonomi Pasar Sosial Terbuka sebagai Landasan”
2004, in Pesan untuk Presiden 2004-2009, edited by Dr. Ir. Wahyudi Ruwiyanto, PT Balai Pustaka (Persero), pp. 143-157.

“Marking the Passage to Southeast Asian Economic Community in the Vastness of Globalization”
December 2003, in Panorama: Insights into Southeast Asian and European Affairs, Vol. 5 No. 2, edited by Dr. Colin Durkop.

“Governance of the Global Economy and Niches for East Asia-Europe Co-operation”
2000, in Strengthening International Order: the Role of Asia-Europe Co-operation, a CAEC Task Force Report, Council for Asia-Euroope Cooperation.

“Post Crisis Indonesia: In Search of an Evolutionary Stable Development”
2000, in Trends and Issues in East Asia 2000, FASID Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development.

“Post-Crisis Economic Reconstruction – The Case of Indonesia –“
1999, in Strengthening Cooperation Among Asian Economies in Crisis, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization

“An Inquiry into the Nature, Causes, and Consequences of the Indonesian Crisis”
1999, in Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy Vol, 4, No. 1

“The Indonesian Crisis in the Context of East Asia”
1999, in Trends and Issues in East Asia 1999, FASID Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development.


Pijar-Pijar Manajemen Bisnis Indonesia
Persaingan sehat dan akselerasi pembangunan ekonomi

2017 – present
Member, International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)

2015 – present
President Commissioner, PT Indoritel Makmur Internasional Tbk.

2014 – present
Member, Indonesia Economic Forum

2012 – present
Independent Commissioner, PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia

2011 – present
Member, American Economic Association

2010 – present
Honorary Council Member of the Parahyangan Catholic University Alumni Association

2000 – present
President Commissioner, PT Indomarco Prismatama Tbk

2009 – present
Chairman, Supervisory Board of the Regional Autonomy Watch Foundation / Yayasan Komite Pemantauan Pelaksanaan Otonomi Daerah (KPPOD)

2002 – present
Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science

1973 – present
Member, Indonesian Economists Association (ISEI)


GRC Award 2016 presented by Forum Komunikasi Profesi dan Lembaga
Bidang Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) for Educator Category