Seminar Money 101 : Financial Success with Ligwina Hananto

Jakarta – Monday, September 23, 2013 . Finance Club and Management Society ( MS ) held a seminar “Money 101 : Financial Success ” Can I Be Financially Independent?”. The speaker is Hananto Ligwina, a Certified Financial Planner and CEO of QM Financial. Money 101 seminar is a series of MASTER activities: Management Society Tremendous Event Ever initiated by MMR students. On the occasion, Ligwina shared to seminar participants on how to manage their personal finance.

Located at PMBS Auditorium of Cilandak Campus, Ligwina explained that there are three most important things to do to start a personal financial planning , namely to start saving 10 % of income, determine important financial goals (such as buying a home , retirement fund , wedding fund) and the goal that is not important (e.g. holiday, buying the latest gadgets , buying clothes ) . By knowing the allocation of funds and needs , then one would be easier to manage finances .

In addition, Ligwina also explained to the participants about the Wealth Management , i.e. the stages that must be passed in one’s life to be able to achieve Financial Freedom; the Student (18 years) , First jobber (25 years) , Wealth Accumulator (35 years) , Wealth Protector (45 years) , Wealth Distributor (55 years). In personal financial planning, profit generated from investments is not the main goal, but whether the investment is capable to reach planned financial goals. Therefore, in choosing investment products, the level of risk and return should be adjusted with the use of period instruments such investments.

Ligwina seminar invites participants to not underestimate anything we can to be invested , because starting from such a small investment can yield big returns in the future. Stronger middle class means stronger Indonesia.

“The risk of not investing is greater than the risk of not investing ” said Ligwina Hananto before closing seminar.