Welcomes Students Exchange from Peking University in PMBS

Cindy, Peking University

Prasetiya Mulya Business School held a student exchange program with Peking University HSBC Business School – China. Cindy is one student from Peking University who joins the student exchange program. She used to be called Xie Xin Xin in her home country and graduated from Sun Yat Sen University in Guang Zhou. Cindy is majoring in management with a minor e – commerce for 4 years. According to Cindy, Peking University offers exchange students from various universities to be chosen by students and for students who want to enroll must submit personal information, including GPA, reasons for choosing a particular university, and a letter of motivation.

Peking University will then select the best candidates for this exchange program and Cindy is one of them. This is the first time for Cindy being in Indonesia. She liked to live in Jakarta and the main reason why Cindy has enjoyed her time in Indonesia is because the people here. Now Cindy took International Finance and Investment class. For her, two classes she participated in PMBS are more practical compared with Peking University HSBC Business School.

She stated that in PMBS she could use existing knowledge to see the real world of business, compared with Peking University HSBC Business School that focuses on the development of theory. Cindy will back to China at the end of April. Her dream after returning to China is to get a job in investment banking, where Cindy really loves the world of finance.

Woo Sangjo, Kaist University

Woo Sangjo as student from KAIST University join student exchange program in Prasetiya Business School (PMBS) for one semester. Sangjo choose a student exchange program in Indonesia in Prasetiya Business School because he is interested in Southeast Asian market which is an emerging market, where he thought he could find some opportunities here.

Sangjo is a graduate of Seoul National University, majoring in Biology. Before continuing master program, Sangjo worked on LG for 7 years in the planning division (management accounting). Sangjo make budgeting plan and then evaluate it.

For Sangjo, this is the first time he was in Indonesia. In mid- February, he and his family from Korea was visiting Yogyakarta. Many places visited include Borobudur temple, Keraton palace, Mount Dieng, and traditional markets. According to him, the weather condition in Indonesia is very hot as in Korea during summer.

For the lecturing system in KAIST and Prasetiya Business School, Evan stated that a professor at KAIST give more tasks than in here. For him, Innovation class in PMBS was interesting because he got a lot of new insight and learned a lot about interesting approach to find market opportunities.

Sangjo will return to Korea around mid-April. After return to his home country and graduated from master program, Sangjo’s biggest dream is have career in consulting firm or get internship in Hyundai.